The Demolished Man – Alfred Bester -(English)- Hugo Awards 1953

The Best Novell of 1953 by Hugo Awards was The Demolished Man of Alfred Bester.


The history take place in the year 2032 in the city of New York.

In the future wrote by Alfred Bester the world was full of “Espers”, people able to read minds in different levels of deep.
The “Espers” are presents in that society in different roles, from sales man in a book store to read the mind of the customers and offer the best gift option…and policeman with the target to solve crimes.

No all humans have this gift, of read minds, and between the “Espers” there are different levels of power: Level 1, 2 and 3. In the Level 1: the “Esper” have the major power to read minds, and its able to  read the sub concious layer of other person.

In this society, the premeditated murders was eliminated, since an “Esper”always manages to realize his intention before you are able to kill someone. But a billionaire man, troubled by nightmares, plan and execute a murder, and from this the whole story will follow at a pace of a thriller.
This billionaire Ben Reich, is the owner of a multinational  intergalactic, that is more powerfull than a governament.
Ben Reich:
Millionaire owner of a mega company: Monarch. Disturbed by constant nightmares with a faceless man, thinks he has a special killer instinct .
Lincoln Powell:
Police responsible for investigating a murder case. And a Level 1 Esper.Extras:

After you read the book this music will make sense to you 🙂

Eight, sir; seven, sir;Six, sir; five, sir;Four, sir; three, sir;two, sir; one!‘Tenser,’ said the Tensor.‘Tenser,’ said the Tensor.‘Tension, apprehension,And dissension have begun.’

The Demolished Man by Bastien
Cover art for the Alfred Bester’s book: The Demolished Man
My Opinion:
From 0 to 10 my note here is 7.
The book caught my attention many times, and in very few parts was exhausting to read. But still it was not surprising, and at many points seemed naive and superficial.
Furthermore, the final could be better.

The author:

Alfred Bester was bornin New York , city where he place this book history. Studied Law in Pennsylvania, but leave the course before close it.

He dead in 12 Jan 1984

In the link bellow you can find a detailed biograthy from the author:

To read:
Download here the e-pub from my Google Drive:

To buy:

Demolished Man in Amazon



A complete review of the book with a lot of interesting informations is here:


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