Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury -(English)- Hugo Awards 1954

The award for best novel of the year 1954, went to Fahrenheit 451 of Ray Bradbury.


The history is a dystopia, it show us a future not desired by anyone. Fahrenheit 451 tells us that in the distant future books will be totally prohibited.

If you had books at home and it turns out, his house would be burned along with the books.

The interesting is who has the function to burn the books are firefighters. Since in the future all houses  were immunized against fire, they had lost their main functions, and soon gained the mission of burning books.

So when someone complains that you’re hiding a book, firefighters come to his house with their hoses along with petroleum and set fire to the books.

In uniform of the firemen is written in large letters 451. 451 F is the temperature in to papel to burn.

The society portrayed by Ray Bradbury in order to not get worry about anything it loses his human condition, and uses heat to destroy anything that might disturb the tranquility.


Guy Montag, a fireman who, for some reason will begin to question their work.

Clarisse McClellan, a young free-thinking and questioning girl that lives alongside Montag

Mildred, Montag’s wife, fully inserted in society that dont care to reality.

Beatty, the fire department captain, defender aware of the new society, we can follow in their speech the essence of the rules of society depicted by Bradbury.

Faber, a English and literature teacher  which of course does not work anymore, but by knowing Montag plans decides to help him without risking too much.

Sabujo (Hunting Dog mechanic): an eight-legged machine capable of identifying and hunt any free-thinker, identifies the change of Montag.

The names of some characters are based on brand names or roles of their manufacturers (Faber from Faber Castel).


Interview with Ray Bradbury on Fahrenheit 451:

Complete movie in You Tube:


Recently the book was inspiration to a new code of error in the Internet, related to censorship block of access:




Fahrenheit 451 creates a new universe based on the absurd rule of prohibition of books, a dystopia created strictly by the author. The history is a social criticism, and uses fiction to make it what confers creativity and gave to this book a classic status also immortalized in the film.

The study of the characters helps us to understand this new society we should avoid.

My note 10 and 10.

If you want to buy the book in Amazon, please use the link bellow:

Fahrenheit 451: A Novel


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