Among Others – Jo Walton -(English)- Hugo Awards 2012

One of the novels nominated for the Hugo Awards in 2012 is Among Others, I just finished reading and below you see my opinions.

Update 03/09/2012:

I just find out that Among Others won the Hugo Awards this year, congratulations to Jo Walton …
But I need reinforce my opinion here, I really don’t like the book:

The fantasy universe created by JoWalton is weak and there is nothing original there in my opinion;
the focus of the book doesn’t seem to be the magic or magical faries, but the life of Mor, treated with enough character depth;
cited in the book are hundreds of other books of science fiction and fantasy, but in my opinion it does not contribute to the evolution of the story, sometimes even gets to be boring.

Opinion is opinion … I know that mine  is the minority when I compare with other reviews, but as this is my blog here is a nice place to emphasize my point of view 🙂 Hugs!



Winner of Nebula Awards 2012

Winner of Hugo Awards 2012

Winner of British Fantasy Awards 2012   (


Winner under Stephen King:


Hugo Awards:


The book tells the story of Morwenna Phelps from his diary. Day after day, we follow the routine of this girl who ran away from his mother having to live with the father who she does not know (and who sent her to a boarding school).

Mor has a problem in his leg and lost her twin sister. Besides she sees fairies and do magic stuff. Btw, ​​the book shows a very peculiar vision of magic as something more realistic than we are used to see.

The same goes for the fairies, in this case the grotesque is because of the way the fairies communicate.

The characters

Morwenna Phelps:

She is the book’s protagonist, has around 15 years old and crazy about Sci-Fi , she see fairies and makes magic. She is extremely ethical about magic and has “family problems” that are going to be shown during your reading. In an interview, the author says that much of what is described in Mor has a touch autobiographical.


He is Mor’s father, I can not tell much about him, but he like to read sci-fi too.


Interview with Jo Walton
Video recommending the book:
Few words from Jo Walton about the book
Jo Walton interview and few words about the book
In the end of this page we have a list of all books cited during Among Others

My Opinion:

From 0 to 1o my note is 2.

The book couldn’t hold my attention even in its main part. Actually I could vaguely identify which was the climax of the book, or even what was the problem of the history.

I can not say that I liked the author’s way of narrating the story , I really think that the book tell a lot of lost and not important histories in it plot.

It was cool to the author to cite other books of sci-fi, on the other hand, do it all the time and comment on them all the book during the narrative make the book slower and borring and the story was completely in the background.

The positive points are due to a creative vision about magic and fairies, but it gets so diluted that in the narrative it loses completely the relevance.

Update da minha opinião (12-07-2012)
The author:

John Walton was born in 64 in Wales, she is a writer and has some prizes for literary works in sci-fi literature and fantastic. The birthplace is the home of the  protagonist of Among Others, not by coincidence.

To read:

Buy the english version below:

Among Others na Amazon

List of Sci-Fi books in Among Others :

  • 1. Anthologies, magazines: Best of Galaxy. – Destinies. – Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine! – Ansible!
  • 2. Adams, Douglas: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
  • 3. Anderson, Poul: The Broken Sword. – Ensign Flandry. – Guardians of Time.
  • 4. Anthony, Piers – Chaining the Lady. – A Spell for Chameleon.
  • 5. Asimov, Isaac: The End of Eternity. – Guide to science. – The Left Hand of the Electron.
  • 6. Boyd, John: Last Starship from Earth.
  • 7. Bradley, Marion Zimmer: The Spell Sword.
  • 8. Brooks, Terry: Sword of Shannara.
  • 9. Brunner, John: The Shockwave rider. – Stand on Zanzibar. – Times Without Number.
  • 10. Cherryh, C.J.: Gate of Ivrel.
  • 11. Clarke, Arthur C.: Childhood’s end. – Forgotten Enemy. – Imperial Earth. – 2001.
  • 12. Coney, Michael: Charisma. – Hello Summer, Goodbye.
  • 13. Cooper, Susan: The Dark is Rising (series) – The Grey King — Silver on the Tree.
  • 14. Delany, Samuel R.: Empire Star. – Triton. – Babel 17. – The Einstein Intersection.
  • 15. Dick, Phillip K.: The Man in the High Castle.
  • 16. Donaldson, Stephen: Lord Foul’s Bane.
  • 17. Engdahl, Sylvia: Beyond the Tomorrow Mountains. – Heritage of the Star.
  • 18. Fisk, Nicholas: Space Hostages.
  • 19. Fowles, John: The Magus.
  • 20. Garner, Alan: Red Shift.
  • 21. Garrett, Randall: Lord Darcy (series) – Too many Magicians.
  • 22. Harrison, Harry: Make room! Make Room!
  • 23. Heinlein, Robert A.: Glory road. – Have Spacesuit Will Travel. – The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. – The Number of the Beast. – Time Enough for Love. – Waldo and Magic Inc.
  • 24. Henderson, Zenna: Pilgrimage — The People: No Different Flesh
  • 25. Herbert, Frank: Dune
  • 26. Hughes, Ted: Crow.
  • 27. Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World.
  • 28. Le Guin, Ursula: City of Illusions. – The Dispossessed. – The Eye of the Heron. – The Farthest Shore. – Lathe of Heaven. – Tales of Earthsea. – The Wind’s Twelve Quarters. – Wizard of Earthsea. – The Word for World is Forest.
  • 29. Lewis, C. S.: Mere Christianity. – Narnia (series) – Out of the Silent Planet.
  • 30. McCaffery, Anne: Dragonflight. – Dragonsinger — Dragonsong. – The White Dragon.
  • 31. Miller, Walter M.: A Canticle for Leibowitz.
  • 32. Moore, Ward: Bring the Jubilee.
  • 33. Niven, Larry and Pournelle, Jerry: The Mote in God’s Eye.
  • 34. Niven, Larry: The Flight of the Horse. – A Gift from Earth. – Ringworld. – World of Ptaavs.
  • 35. Priest, Christopher: A Dream of Wessex. – Inverted World.
  • 36. Richards, Frank (Hamilton, Charles): Greyfriars (series)
  • 37. Roberts, Keith: Pavane.
  • 38. Robinson, Spider: Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. – Telempath.
  • 39. Silverberg, Robert: Born with the Dead. – Dying inside. – Stepsons of Terra. – Up the line. – Revolt on Alpha C (as “Voyage to Alpha Centauri”). – The World Inside.
  • 40. Simak, Clifford: City.
  • 41. Smith, Dodie: The Starlight Barking.
  • 42. Stewart, Mary: The Crystal Cave.
  • 43. Sturgeon, Theodore: Dangerous Visions “If all men were brothers, would you let one marry your sister?”– A Touch of Strange.
  • 44. Tey, Josephine: Brat Farrar. – Daughter of Time.
  • 45. Tiptree, James Jr.: “And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill’s Side”, “Girl Who Was Plugged In”, “Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death”, “Houston, Houston, Do You Read?” – Warm Worlds and Otherwise.
  • 46. Tolkien, J. R. R.: Hobbit. Lord of the Rings (trilogy) – Silmarillion. – The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
  • 47. Vonnegut, Kurt: Breakfast of Champions. – Cat’s Cradle. – God Bless You Mr. Rosewater. – Sirens of Titan. – Welcome to the Monkey House.
  • 48. Wyndham, John: The Chrysalids.
  • 49. Zelazny, Roger: Creatures of Light and Darkness. – Doorways in the Sand. – The Dream Master. – The Guns of Avalon. – Isle of the Dead. – Nine Princes in Amber. –Roadmarks. – Sign of the Unicorn. – This Immortal.


(update 01/08/2012)

(update 04/08/2012)

(update 20/09/2012)

“loved it every bit as much as you all said that I would!”

Discussion from a book club on GoodReads that…represent my personal opinion 🙂

”Jo Walton wins Hugo award for reverse Harry Potter tale” The Guardian

“It’s too early to say if Jo Walton’s fantasy novel ‘Among Others’ will be considered a classic a generation from now”


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